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Fresh Good Friday - Teko Reflective Adrenalin Running Socks

Posted by Mark Craig on

Amanda Wishart from Singletrack magazine has written a "Fresh Goods Friday" gear review and included our Reflective Adrenalin Running Socks.
Here's an excerpt from the review
Teko Reflective Adrenalin Running Socks Review
"Eco-friendly socks? Teko uses nylon made from 100% regenerated consumer waste, meaning you can ride with your head held high knowing you’re reducing waste in the world one pedal stroke at a time. Lightly cushioned on the heel and ball of the foot with a seamless snug fit, these socks claim to feel like a second skin. They have reflective dots on the back of each ankle and the fine microfibres evaporate moisture quickly."

Read the full review here.

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