Kinder to Your Feet & Kinder to the Planet

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14th May 2013
Kinder to Your Feet & Kinder to the Planet
TEKO Socks Will Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures this Summer. The official sock of The Lake District National Park. TEKO delivers on fit, comfort & performance whatever your activity.

Key to enjoying the outdoors this summer is getting the right kit. As the official sock of the Lake District National Park, leading eco sock brand TEKO understands the importance of comfort when it comes to performance footwear. So whether you’re walking, hiking, cycling or running, TEKO has the right sock for you this season!

A unique feature of Teko’s M3RINO.XC and SIN3RGI socks is that they stay odour-free for a minimum of 5 days. The yarn resists odour so effectively that it even smells fresh after being worn during rigorous exercise.

Longer lasting, better fitting and planet positive, TEKO socks are created using renewable and sustainable materials and energy sources. They are designed to enhance performance by keeping feet dry, comfortable and odour-free. TEKO is so confident about it’s product that it is the only sock company to provide a lifetime guarantee on its products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

TEKO socks are constructed from three fibre groups:

  • M3RINO.XC® (Merino wool with no chlorine),

  • SIN3RGI® (combination of Merino wool & recycled polyester)

  • EVAPOR8® Ultralight (recycled plastic drinks bottles),

And into five levels of cushioning to suit different needs:

  • C1 – Liner

  • C2 – Light cushioning

  • C3 – Midweight cushioning

  • C4 – Heavy cushioning

  • C5 – Extra Heavy Cushioning

These eco-friendly fibres have been developed to work in harmony with the foot and footwear in different climates/conditions. Features such as anatomical heel pockets and seamless toes offer the best socks in terms of fit, comfort, performance and durability to keep feet dry and blister free. Models in each collection are suited to varying activities including, hiking, walking, running and cycling/biking.

Naturally moisture-wicking and insulating, making them perfect for heavy and mid weight trekking, hiking and other extended endurance activities, TEKO M3RINO.XC socks use the finest quality organic Argentinian Merino wool that does not itch, shrink or stink and are chlorine free. M3RINO.XC socks manage moisture well to keep feet comfortable and dry, and being naturally antimicrobial; remain fresh smelling during your activity. Models in the range include:

The M3RINO.XC Midweight Hiking ‘C3’ Cushioning: Part of TEKO’s Summit Series, which provides greater freedom of movement without bunching and excellent cushioning and support, this sock for anyone requiring an extra level of cushioning and offers a more classic fit sock. It is available for women in sizes S, M, L in Cranberry and Charcoals and in a unisex model S, M, L, XL in Charcoal, Brown and Olive.

TEKO SIN3RGI® is a highly durable, all-around fibre which performs across the broadest temperature and humidity range. Made from a fusion of Merino and recycled polyester yarns, socks in this range feature the benefits of Merino – that include faster drying, no itching, shrinking or stinking - yet provide 50% more durability than pure Merino wool, and are also chlorine free. Models in this range are perfect for light hiking, walking and biking and include:

The SIN3RGI® Light ‘C2’ Hiking: this sock has been designed to meet the demands of the outdoor enthusiast. Based on TEKO’s Evolution Fit, which is a closer fit than the Summit Series, they are perfect for fast moving outdoor sports providing feet with great support, breathability, incredible moisture management and durability. The unisex SIN3RGI® ‘C2’ Light Hiking is available in sizes S, M L, XL in Charcoal/Black and Turkish Coffee/Granite, while the ladies’ is available in sizes S,

 M, L in Charcoal/Plum and Grey Heather/Lipstick.

The organicS3® Light Minicrew: For a lighter sock option, this model is constructed with a combination of organic

Merino wool and recycled fibres. The lower ankle height is ideal for warmer conditions and wearing with shoes rather than boots. The light cushioning level is for activities that are less demanding on the feet. The organicS3® Light Minicrew for men is available in sizes M, L, XL in Charcoal/Light Grey, Natural/Light Grey and Moonshadow/ Charcoal, while the women’s model is available in sizes S, M, L in Grey/Ice and Silver Heather/Lilac.

TEKO’s fastest drying, lightest fibre EVAPOR8 Ultralight®, is perfect for high intensity activities in hot, dry or humid conditions when every gram counts. EVAPOR8 provides incredible moisture management and durability. Ideal for running, cycling and crossfit. EVAPOR8 is made from 100% recycled drinks bottles. Models in the range include:

The EVAPOR8® Light Low: Quick drying, durable and eco-friendly, the EVAPOR8® Light Low is a low profile ankle height sock, giving greater freedom to the foot with a light cushion for comfort and protection on the move. The men’s version is available in M, L, XL in White and Black, while the ladies is available in sizes S, M, L in White, Della/Ice and Moonmist/Foxglove.

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