1.0 Ultralight No Cushion

At TEKO we offer different levels of cushioning to suit the activity and designate each cushioning level with a number so it's easy for you to find the sock on our website.

The 1.0 Ultralight construction is a non-cushioned sock. It's sometimes described as a 'thin' or 'liner' sock. 

A liner sock is used for wearing next-to-your skin when wearing it under a thicker hiking sock. This can help to add extra warmth and also reduce the chance of blisters.

We also offer the 1.0 Ultralight for running as many runners prefer a thinner sock to compliment their choice of shoe.

For skiing, we offer a very specialised 1.0 Ultralight sock with strategically placed cushioning on the shin and around the Achilles. This sock is favoured by more advanced, expert skiers and racers. It is also a favourite of high-end boot fitters who actually helped to develop the design of this sock.

We also categorise our Ski Race Compression as a 1.0 Ultralight sock as it has no cushioning anywhere on the foot or leg.  So, this sock is again for advanced, experts and racers and helps to stabilise the foot and calf muscle, improve circulation and enhance warmth.

We are so confident in our quality that we offer you a lifetime guarantee against the fault of manufacture. 

We provide FREE UK DELIVERY for orders over £30 and Express delivery if required at an extra cost.