Welcome to TEKO socks



TEKO is the most award winning eco-friendly sock in the World and our overriding goal is to be the best sock on the planet and the best sock for the planet. We also understand it is a never-ending journey of continual innovation and improvement.

Winner of the prestigious ISPO Innovation Award and Eco-Performance Awards and the Innovation Award at the international OutDoor Trade Show in Germany. TEKO has also been selected as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the UK.

Passion for comfort, fit and performance.

It would be fair to say that we are as passionate about comfort, fit and performance as we are about the environment - to us you simply cannot truly enjoy the one without the other.

Passion for the environment

Our passion for the outdoor sport is accompanied be an equal passion for making and doing with as little environmental impact as possible. We are the only technical sock company to make our running and cycling products from regenerated commercial fishing nets.  We also use responsibly farmed, chlorine-free merino wool from Patagonia and ultra soft Lyocell biodegradable yarn from responsibly farmed Eucalyptus trees.

Econyl regenerated nylon from fishing nets

Proud of our customers

We're proud that our socks have built up a loyal band of followers - people who literally do what they do every day wherever they are on our beautiful planet wearing TEKO socks.

Putting something back

We have a number of partners that we support or have sponsored - from the Conservation Alliance and the John Muir Trust, to our own TEKO "Socks for Socks" Programme, and "Teko For Nepal". We have also been the official sock partner of the "Freeride World Tour" for five years.  

But, of course, we never stand still. We are always striving for better products and better environmental credentials - and keeping our passion for being outside and enjoying our outdoor playground.

Leading edge design

TEKO socks design is created and driven by Gordon Fraser, an internationally acclaimed sock and footwear designer who has been been working in the field of biomechanics and physiology of the foot for over 30  years.  An ex-professional skier and keen cyclist and trail runner his passion for fit, comfort and performance take things to a new level.  Gordon has an eye for detail and an innovative approach to everything he does.