Teko Brand Values

Make the best socks on the planet.  

At Teko we have always been committed to our corporate values and our brand goal. To make ‘ The best socks ON the planet, the best socks FOR the planet’. We are totally committed to working and manufacturing in a sustainable way.

Socks designed for every foot 

The foot is a natural miracle with a myriad of bones, ligaments and muscles all designed to work in harmony to absorb shock and propel us forwards. By understanding how the foot works we can design the worlds best socks. Our development team, consisting of biomechanical experts, work hand in hand with our product designers to create features that enhance fit, comfort and performance.

No quibbles. Lifetime Guarantee.

To demonstrate our total belief in our product we offer a Lifetime Guarantee against fault of manufacture. Our guarantee gives assurance to you, our customer that the unique comfort fit of our socks is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

Durability is sustainability

At Teko we believe in achieving sustainability through durability. Our socks are constructed in a Planet Positive™ manner, by using renewable and sustainable materials.